Strides of March 2015 - March 8, 2015!!! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates!


RACE REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Be sure to register to run or volunteer at We want to see you all out supporting our FIRSTEP programs in wellness and recovery! If you choose not to run, remember that you can "ghost run" and donate the amount of the race fee OR more in support of the program. Thank you to everyone who's committed to sharing this experience with us. Check out the timeline of events on our Facebook page. We will see you soon!

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates!

2013 Marked 40 Years of Service for OKC Metro Alliance, Inc.! Celebrate with us by supporting wellness and recovery through your Strides of March race participation and donation.

Join Us Next Year! The Strides of March • Sunday, March 8, 2015 • 8AM

The Strides of March is a half marathon run to promote wellness and recovery. The timing of this run also presents an excellent opportunity to prepare for the Memorial Marathon which is held in April. This run benefits OKC Metro Alliance, Inc.'s FIRSTEP programs by assisting Oklahomans who want to recover from substance abuse. The race course is located in Southeast Oklahoma City along the scenic shores of Lake Stanley Draper, a city park and family recreation area.

Half Marathon [more info]

The half marathon at Draper Lake will start and finish just outside the Marina area of Draper Lake. Runners will have the opportunity to run through the park like wooded area surrounding the lake, across the Draper Lake Dam, and back again to the Marina area. Runners and Walkers can enjoy the atmosphere of nature while participating in this race. The half marathon is a flat, out and back course.

5K Dogwood Dash [more info]

The 5K Dogwood Dash run exemplifies the trend of more and more people who prefer to participate in a 5K distance for the good cause of wellness and recovery. The 5K is a fast course with bends and curves, beginning and ending at the marina. This 5K represents the strong and durable qualities of the Dogwood tree. Runners and walkers will love the Dogwood Dash.

OKC METRO ALLIANCE is a not for profit organization helping Oklahomans recover from substance abuse. If you would like to donate please click the link below: